Procurement Procedures


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Two main styles of procurement procedure in NTT DOCOMO


(1) About RFP and RFI

RFP is a process that NTT DOCOMO conduct the procurement by requesting suppliers proposal based on procurement information.
RFI is a process that occurs before the RFP, where information related to product that DOCOMO is considering is collected from suppliers.

*Some requests are conducted with limiting the numbers of suppliers in terms of operating the procurement system in an efficient manner.

(2) Flows and events

  1. Supplier registration

    Please register your company info. at the page of “New supplier registration”.
    NTT DOCOMO will create the user account with 1 year validity.

  2. “Procurement procedure manual” downloading

    By login a Supplier page, it enable you to download a Procurement procedure manual (details of procurement information)  and the instructions on a RFI.

  3. Submission of application formats

    Submit some application formats about the proposal and information.

  4. Evaluating, Selecting and Contract

    In RFP case, NTT DOCOMO will evaluate comprehensively the proposals with taking into account the items specified in “procurement procedure manual”, selecting the supplier who give us the most advantageous offer, and then contract .

New Proposals and Products

(1) About New Proposals and Products

NTT DOCOMO welcome and receive any proposals from suppliers such as product introductions and new technology etc.

(2) Proposal procedure

  1. Application form downloading

    Please download “Application Form for new proposals and products” and submit it from below after being filled in.

    To review supplier’s proposal whether any further study is required or not, please prepare for company brochure and any data(quality, specification, performance, price etc.) of your proposal which shows a superiority to other competing products.

    *Please note that submitted material should be consisted of published information only.

    If you would like to have own pages in our site where supplier can join any other activities like RFP and RFI, offer supplier information (proposal) etc., Please register your company as our new partner.

  2. Submission of proposal

    After receiving the proposal, NTT DOCOMO will review it from various viewpoints. In case that further study is required, NTT DOCOMO will get back to the supplier.

  3. Submission of application forms

    Submit application forms based on “Procurement procedure manual” for evaluation.

  4. Evaluating, Selecting and Contract

    NTT DOCOMO will evaluate comprehensively the proposals with taking into account the items specified in “procurement procedure manual”, and then contract.

New supplier registration

In order to join NTT DOCOMO’s procurement procedure, supplier is required to register the company info.
(It includes user account creation.)

The created user account enable supplier to access an exclusive page for each supplier.
Please be note that a user account will expire 1 year from the date of account creation.

The menu of exclusive page after login

Exclusive page will serve suppliers the following menus.

  • Join RFP and RFI
  • Offer the product and technology etc. to NTT DOCOMO
  • Questionnaire
  • User account management
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